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FUEL Trial Results Explained

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The FUEL Trial Results Explained webinar, presented by Dr. David Goldberg and Dr. Stephen Paridon, is for parents, patients, and healthcare professionals who want to understand more about the results of this trial, how they might impact care for Fontan patients, and what is still coming in the future.

Study Datasets

PHN Public Use Datasets »

The PHN offers access to the study datasets for the Fontan Cross-Sectional Study, the Single Ventricle Reconstruction Trial, the Infant Single Ventricle Trial (ISV), the Variability of Echocardiographic Left Ventricular Mass, Volume and Ejection Fraction in Pediatric Patients with Congestive (Dilated) Cardiomyopathy (VVV) study, and the Trial of Pulse Steroid Therapy in Kawasaki Disease.

You can read the study dataset information and data use policy, and request access to the datasets directly from our website.


Interested in calculating echo z-scores from the PHN models?

Z-scores for common pediatric echo measurements based on BSA are available in an online Z-score calculator. The PHN ECHO Z Study found that age, sex, and race do not have a clinically significant effect on these echo measurements once BSA is accounted for.